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Fill In The Unit Circle With This Giant Poster

I bet if you’re here the unit circle is an important piece of your classroom! Let me ask, how many times do you think you have your students fill in the unit circle? And they still don’t have it memorized?! Teacher friend, I hear you.

I needed something engaging, hands-on, and discussion producing and I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere. That’s how this huge unit circle poster was born, so my class could fill in the unit circle in a different kind of way.

Let’s chat about how it can be used in your classroom!


Fill in the Unit Circle as a Class Activity


If you’ve previously introduced the unit circle and are looking to have your students master it, try passing out an angle or coordinate to each student as they walk in the classroom.

Have them assemble their piece and help classmates who are struggling!

You can do this method for a whole week if you want to, so each day students have a new piece of information to consider.

If one student makes a mistake, another student should catch that mistake when they try to place their piece in that spot. 


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Maybe your class needs some extra practice with radian measures (or degree measures, or the coordinates!) Remove the “extra” information so students can focus on specifically what you need them to. 

Easy to differentiate materials are a teacher win!


Fill in the Unit Circle With A Color-Coded Version


This product comes with a black and white printer friendlier option, but my personal favorite is the color version. Each reference angle “family” has its own color assigned to it. Visually, students can make connections between the angles within their family. 


Turn it Into a Permanent Fixture in Your Classroom


When you no longer need the moveable pieces, fix this up as a permanent bulletin board!

Students will love not having to shuffle through their notes to make a quick reference to the unit circle. And you won’t have to write it on the board for the eleventy-billionth time!

I was always looking for content-rich classroom decor for my high school math classroom, and this can double as just that!

No need to make this from scratch. You can find this poster right here! Everything prints on a regular printer, and with a little assembly (instructions included!) you’ll be good to go!


Not exactly what you’re looking for?

Check out my previous post: Fresh Ideas to Teach the Unit Circle in Trigonometry. I share some more ideas on how to incorporate the unit circle into your classroom!

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  • Fun With Puzzles May 10, 2021 at 9:25 am

    with such innovative aids, learning maths is very much fun :).

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