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Self-Checking Math Resources: Why I Love Them and You Should Too!

Self-checking math assignments were all the buzz in 2020. Turning your math classroom digital on a dime may bring back some tough memories. But if there’s anything we can take away from the experience, it’s that teachers came up with ways to make their classroom function in a very dysfunctional time. My all-time favorite glow up is Google Sheet assignments that self-check! 

These self-checking math resources can come in a variety of ways. Cells can turn colors, images can color themselves in, or my favorite – a mystery picture will reveal as correct answers are typed in. 

Self-checking math resource highlights include:

  1. Less grading! Okay, I’ll be the one to say it, but I know you were thinking it. Who thought we’d be able to automate part of our jobs?! But here we are. Grade for me Google, grade for me. 
  1. Student accountability. Especially in the higher grades, students need to become independently motivated to complete assignments. When the bright red cell is highlighting their wrong answer, it’s a lot harder to ignore than on a pencil and paper worksheet. Even if students are still reluctant to ask a question about what went wrong, you as the teacher can see that bright red cell from across the room and alert you to potential struggles.
  1. Self-checking math resources are what emergency plans dreams are made of! For instance, you can save some go-to review assignments to your Google Drive and never scramble for lesson plans when you are sick again!
  1. They can show some personality! Import images that are funny, provide inspirational quotes, or just create a conversation starter for those quiet classes. Make students want to reach the end of the mystery picture reveal and they have no choice but to stay on task!

Where to find them, and what to look for:

If you’re looking for some pre-made, NO prep, self-checking math assignments, be sure to check out my geometry mystery picture reveals here! And some trigonometry mystery picture reveals here!

They have large formatted images for those pesky geometry figures. 

Students can select which question to work on from a drop-down menu.

And don’t worry, the answer key is hidden well enough to stump even your most curious, computer-savvy students.

Ready to try it out?

What are you waiting for, there’s nothing to lose!

Happy Teaching!

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