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Teachers Like You Have Said …

This does a wonderful job of breaking down each of the concepts and covers it in a way that makes the lesson so much more understandable to the students. They felt much more confident going into the test and going to the next unit.


This bundle was amazing for teaching verifying trigonometric identities!! I highly recommend getting the bundle! I was really struggling teaching this section in Precalculus as students were just not understanding it. Once I started with the bundle and focusing on one category at a time, my students were finally understanding the concepts and they were so much more engaged because their confidence went up. Thank you so much for helping me teach this unit!!


I loved how this had two versions, one with the statements given, and one that had to be fully filled out. My honors kids were given the one that had to be fully filled out whereas my other classes got the statements given to them. I love the drag and drop for proofs.


This is one of the best methods of teaching the graphs of sine and cosine I have used! Thank you for the concise and easy to follow steps!


Drag and drop is a great way to scaffold for students! Nice Activity.


My students struggled with graphing and finding equations of the trig functions. Having the capabilities to breakdown amplitude, vertical shift, period, and phase shift was very clearly explained and examples were thorough. The notes to practice to homework was a great transition. The quizzes lined up perfectly with the everything we went through. The stress level for most of my students dropped dramatically when I introduced this bundle into my lessons. Thank you!


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I create digital and printable secondary math resources to help teachers like you save time without sacrificing the rigor of upper-level mathematics. I’m also a mom of two spirited toddlers, I never met a dog I didn’t want to pet, and I am an avid Peloton user and coffee enthusiast!